BusMap User Guideline

To help our users experience the application conveniently and easily, BusMap will show you how to manage settings and detailed instructions for each feature.

Advanced directions

Have you ever wanted to travel by bus but at last chosen to ride your bike because the bus station was too far from your location? Or have you ever wanted to hitch a ride to the bus station and travel a long journey by bus, but eventually did not know which station was the best choice for your trip?

Let BusMap help you with the Advance directions feature!

BusMap has published a new feature for bus and motorbike taxis in combination directions. With this feature, you can travel by bus and Grab to save time and money yet guaranteed being comfortable during the trip. BusMap will suggest you travel by bus or Grab based on your real-time location.

To use “Advanced directions”, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Open BusMap
Step 2: Use the “Directions” feature

Step 3: Input starting point and destination, then press “Directions”

Step 4: BusMap will suggest directions including buses and Grab combination (you need to scroll down to the ending).

Step 5: Choose the suggestion that fits you most and press “Book GrabBike” at your starting point

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