BusMap User Guideline

To help our users experience the application conveniently and easily, BusMap will show you how to manage settings and detailed instructions for each feature.

Lookup route information

You can see detailed information on the routes with the lookup feature.

Here is the instruction:

Step 1: On the home screen, tap on “Lookup”

Step 2: Choose the route you want to look up information for. You can either scroll down or type the name of the route on the searching bar. The displayed information includes:
+ Route name and its journey: show name of the route, its starting and ending point

+ Timeline: display the time when a bus leaves its first station

+ Bus stations: display the bus station in the right order of its journey

+ Type of route

+ Ticket price: display that whether the route is subsidized or not

+ Operating time: display the starting and ending time of bus operation in a day

+ Number of journeys: display numbers of journeys that a route complete in a day

+ Organization: display the unit that operates buses and contact information

+ Rating: display the feedbacks on bus quality and service from passengers of a particular bus


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