BusMap User Guideline

To help our users experience the application conveniently and easily, BusMap will show you how to manage settings and detailed instructions for each feature.

See currently closed routes

Step 1: To know which routes are currently closed, tap on the “Lookup” feature on the home screen, the route having a yellow mark is temporarily closed.


Step 2: The feature that allows you to see the arrival time of buses will also help you know which buses are not currently working: Click on a bus station on the map, you will see the information about passed by routes of that station, the closed routes will be displayed with a red announcement.


Step 3: To know the new operating time of each bus route: Select an active bus route, choose “Timeline” to see the new departure time chart. By doing this, you will know the operating time of the bus during the pandemic to adjust your trip with suitable transportation options. A friendly note for iOS users is that you need to update the latest bus data by using the “Update Bus Data” feature to see the timeline of routes.

Step 4: Especially, the “Directions” feature will provide you with directions based on active routes, thereby show suggestions that replace your daily bus routes, which are affected, with other suitable options.


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