BusMap User Guideline

To help our users experience the application conveniently and easily, BusMap will show you how to manage settings and detailed instructions for each feature.

See real-time arrival of buses

To see detailed real-time information of the bus arriving at the station, you only need to do is clicking on the icon of the station you want to see in real-time.

The displayed information includes:

1. Passing-by routes:

– A list of bus routes that pass by the selected station (with captions for forward and backward trips).

– Number plates of buses.

– Speed ​​of the buses.

– Distance between the bus and the station you are waiting at

– Time for the bus to arrive at the station

Thông tin thời gian thực xe đến trạm

2. List of routes: Includes the above information and is prioritized based on the shortest distance.

Thông tin thời gian thực xe đến trạm sắp xếp theo khoảng cách gần nhất

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