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To help our users experience the application conveniently and easily, BusMap will show you how to manage settings and detailed instructions for each feature.

Vouchers nearby

You can get free vouchers and hot deals from BusMap’s partners. The number of vouchers and their codes will be updated daily and appear based on your current location.

To get vouchers, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap on “Vouchers” on the home screen.

Lấy voucher - Bước 1

Step 2: Choose your favorite store.

Lấy voucher - Bước 2


Step 3: Choose “Get voucher“.

Lấy voucher - Bước 3


Step 4: Confirm your phone number to get the promotion (you only have to confirm once the first time using this feature).

Lấy voucher - Bước 3a

Lấy voucher - Bước 3b
Step 5: After carefully reading the information of the store, choose “Get code now“.

Lấy voucher - Bước 4

Step 6: Go to your favorite store and use the collected voucher.

Lấy voucher - Bước 5


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